2014 World First Aid Day address by the RCSS President

Staff from SBC receives certificate after successful completion of First Aid Course

Address by Barbara Carolus- Andre President Red Cross Society of Seychelles Good morning to you all and special greetings to all First Aiders, First aid instructors and sponsors World First Aid Day is celebrated every year on the second Sat of September.

The Red Cross is the world’s leading first aid trainer and provider and in 2012 trained 14 million people worldwide.
The Red Cross Society of Seychelles is part of this International Red Cross Movement and is extremely pleased to have contributed to equipping individuals in schools, day cares, hotels, organisations and communities to save lives.

Today is a celebration
• of a basic humanitarian skill that saves lives and alleviates human suffering across the globe
• It is an opportunity to recognise all the individuals and volunteers who have taken the opportunity to learn this basic life saving skill.
• It is also a kind reminder to all those who do not have the skill to learn this basic life saving skill. A skill that comes in handy on an ordinary day at home, at school and on the road as well as on days where disaster strikes where many people will require our help.

It is also a day to thank all those who invest in supporting first aid programmes and to reassure them that this is a worthwhile investment in community resilience and life saving skills. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to more partners coming on board to do better, and reach out further .

Creole Version
Ozordi pour selebre lazournen mondyal First aid, mon tre fyer koman prezidan la krwa rouz pour salye tou bann zefor ki ban instrikter first aid pe fer, pour asire ki konpetans first aid i aksesib pour tou dimoun

Sa i enkli
• staff e volonter la krwa rouz
• bann lezot instricter dan bann lekol e lorganisation travay
• e instrikter prive.

First aid I tre important
• Napa dout ki first aid i sov lavi e ki i soulaz soufrans avan menm ki en dimoun i kapab ganny swen medikal. Ki pli bon kado ki ou kapab ofer en dimoun.
• I en konpetans simp a la porte tou dimoun
• First aid i vinn itil pour bann sitiasyon tou le zour
o dan lakour,
o dan landrwa travay,
o lo semen
• I en fason pour ou pran responsabilite pour ou la sante e la sante ou fanmiy
• I en konpetans importan dan preparasyon dezas
• I enportan pour tou volonter ki anvi partisip dan bann disaster response teams

Pour tou bann ki pankor fer training first aid fer sir ki ou fer li. Mazinen ou pe prepar ou lekor pour deal ek okenn ka emergency e ki ou kapab sov en lavi.
Mon annan en lapel spesyal pour bann drayver sirtou bann zenn drayver.

Zot ki premye lo bann scene aksidan .
Bann premye minit en aksidan, si zot kapab ed en dimoun respire zot kapab ede sov son lavi. Mazin bann fwa ki nou pann konnen manyer pour ede !!!
I swe la krwa rouz atraver le monn ki tou pei i fer li obligatwar pour drayver aprann first aid.
Program lekol e klib la krwa rouz i osi donn loportinite pou aprann first aid, bann etidyan i devre fer en zefor pour devlop zot e kapab konnen ki pou fer dan bann ka emergency.

Mon remersye tou bann landrwa travay kinn donn loportinite zot travayer pour aprann first aid e osi fer en lapel pour bann landrwa travay e biznes pour kontakte la krwa rouz pour fer sir ki zot travayer i aprann first aid.

First aid i kapab prepar tou dimoun
• pou sov ou prop lavi e
• lavi lezot otour
Dezas ek aksidan pa averti.
Tenm pour sa lannen i Learn First Aid Be a hero !!!
Dan zis trwa zour ou kapab vinn en first aider !!!
Mon felisit tou bann travayer SBC e bann travayer Seychelles Pension fund pour fer sa first aid course e ki pe resevwar zot sertifika ozordi.
En gran mersi e rekonesans pou Harry ki touzour la koman en volonter kot la krwa rouz e kot SBC.
I reste pour mwan remersye tou ban kin organiz sa levennman, media, Eden Plaza e tou bann kinn vini ozordi.