RCSS volunteers in support of a safe return to school

0630am: Wednesday 17th March 2021 just minutes after the gate of Beau Vallon Secondary School opened: RCSS volunteer Miss Monique Julie getting the ‘work area’ ready for screening when the first students start arriving to school.

I feel that the Red Cross presence at school makes a big difference. We are well respected by staff and students alike. The management team rely on us for any advise on health issues and we form part of the screening team. We do sensitisation programmes related to covid 19 with both staff and students.

From Ms Clita Milius, Red Cross volunteer at the Anse Royale Secondary School.

Miss Clita taking the temperature at Anse Royale Secondary school.
On the way to another morning of voluntarism in support of a ‘safe return to school’ for our children. RCSS volunteer Miss. Alisha Ernesta proudly displaying the Red Cross as she walks to the gate of Mont Fleuri Primary School.