Appeal for Madagascar

The President and Secretary General of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles, officially closed the “Appeal for Madagascar’ after a little more than one month of its launch on the 8th June 2021. The appeal was launched to solicit monetary assistance for victims of the drought and famine currently ravaging Madagascar; causing starvation and outspread of humanitarian issues.

Thanking the people of Seychelles who gave generously and the media for their support in spreading the message for donations to the public, the President of the RCSS announced that in all we have so far collected a sum of ‘two hundred thousand and five hundred’ Seychelles Rupees. ” although we have closed the appeal officially now. We still have people coming forward wishing to donate. This shows that despite our own issues with the effects of COVID 19 currently, Seychellois is still a ‘giving’ nation and we are thankful”. The RCSS President stated The Secretary General of the RCSS, on her part noted that the donations came from both companies and individuals. She stated that this is not the first time that the National Society launches such an appeal to aid another country but the sum this time is one of the greatest we have collected.

Whilst giving to Madagascar, we must not forget that there are people in Seychelles who also need our assistance. This time there are donors who also split donations in two for both Madagascar and RCSS so we can continue to assist especially people in quarantine or isolation or other cases of needs. For that we also express our gratitude.” The sum collected will be transferred to the Croix rouge Madagascar ( Madagascar Red cross) which will keep us updated of the way they are using it to assist the people there.

In turn the RCSS will provide updates on our side to the media. As for the possibility of such an appeal being revived for Madagascar or another country. This will be considered if ever there is a need as per our humanitarian mandate.