The Red Cross Society of Seychelles is calling on you, your organization, and business to contribute in providing assistance to the most need in the country.

During the COVID 19 pandemic, affecting the country and the world, there is uncertainty as to when economic activities will return to normal and there is the possibility of redundancies as businesses are bankrupt. We are predicting that more people will need humanitarian assistance as and when they will face economic difficulties.

The National Society recently launched an appeal to everyone in the country: Ministries, Departments, Agencies, businesses, churches, schools and individual in the country in terms of cash or kind to assist families who will find themselves in economic difficulties especially when assistance from government is exhausted.

The RCSS has chosen the theme; ‘I give with Joy and Joy is my reward’, or in creole, Mon donn avek lazwa, e sa lazwa I mon rekonpans’. The theme is advocating for a positive vibe in our population and encouraging everyone to give with joy and accepting that same joy as reward.

Your contribution, can be in the form of cash or kind; pass an envelope around in your respective workplaces for you and your colleagues to donate cash, or place a “Basket of Charity” so that they can also donate food items and place in the basket. When you are ready, you can deliver the donations to our Head Quarters, Providence, Zone 18, or call us on 4374544/2521964 and we will arrange for pick up.

Your donations will be recorded and the necessary procedures will be done to ensure that they reach the needy in the country.


RCSS Bank Account Details

Bank: Absa

Account Name: Operation a/c

Account Number: 1214702


Download the Letter of Appeal