Call for sponsors during the COVID-19 crisis

The Red Cross Society of Seychelles has been at the forefront of the Covid-19 crisis in the country since the first case was registered in March 2020 and this time again we have pulled in our volunteers who are diligently assisting on the frontline to bring our support to Seychelles and our nation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. The RCSS volunteers on sites are involved from the onset in activities such as ‘Contact tracing’, counselling, transportation of potential positive contacts of patients, psychosocial support to patients and families.

The RCSS is also presently assisting communities to boost up socio-economic resilience as we recognise and acknowledge people’s vulnerability whilst having to adapt and adopt within the ‘new normal’ context.

Currently our volunteers have been deployed to Vaccination Centres where they are assisting the Ministry of Health with screening, First Aid applications and social distancing during the ongoing national vaccination campaign. All this is done voluntarily by a team of people of all ages trained, ready and willing to assist in any such situations and others whereby we are called to be present.

It is in consideration of the dedication and goodwill of our volunteers on the frontline that the RCSS is appealing to the heart of members of the community and the public to ‘OPEN THEIR HEARTS AND GIVE GENEROUSLY WHATEVER MIGHT TOUCH THEIR HEARTS TO GIVE IN THE MANNER OF WATER, JUICE, SOFT DRINKS, YOGHURT, FRESH FRUITS AND SNACKS ‘ which would assist the Red Cross Society of Seychelles to sustain our volunteers whilst they are on the sites. ‘YOUR GENEROUS GIVING WILL BE GRACIOUSLY APPRECIATED AND JOYFULLY RETURNED’.

We thank you