RCSS attends the 10th Pan-African Conference 2023

RCSS is attending the 10th Pan-African Conference, which is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, from September 15th to September 20th, 2023. It is being represented by its Vice President, Audrey Adam, Secretary-General, Marie-May Esparon, and representatives of the Seychelles Red Cross, including Julinio Nourrice.
The youth session began today, and according to Julinio, the meeting is quite interesting. He mentioned, ‘I had the opportunity to meet different young people and see how their youth society functions and the challenges they face. I am impressed by the progress they have achieved.’ Julinio mentioned that they will be voting on two committees to review the 2017 youth committee report. During this session, there will also be elections for a new Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth Committee for Africa.
Seychelles Red Cross is also participating in other activities alongside this conference. The Secretary-General of the Seychelles Red Cross will report on a group or commission discussing Migration. There are approximately 197 participants from 50 National Societies across the African continent attending this conference, including 53 youth representatives. The conference is being held under the theme ‘Reinvesting in Africa.’