RCSS celebrates World Blood Donor Day

The Red Cross Society of Seychelles marked the World Blood Donor Day in honor of its Blood donors who have been giving blood the longest and also in recognition of ‘young blood donors’. Four of the society’s volunteers who have always been present for blood donation calls over the years; Mr. Harry Dingwall ( 30+ years), Mr. Cedrick Francourt ( 13 years), Mr. Dilan Bastienne (9 years) and Mr. Julinio Nourrice (6 years) were presented with tokens of appreciation for their giving to life in this honorable way.
The ceremony took place in the presence of RCSS Committee Members, RCSS President, RCSS SG, staff members, volunteers and invited media personnel. In his remark to mark the day the President thanked the volunteers for their valuable contribution to life. ” We can all be part of blood donors. We can all be part of saving lives”, he said in calling for more people to give blood. The volunteer blood donors who were awarded, also spoke about the reasons for deciding to become blood donors and the joy they get knowing they have contributed to saving lives.
In the same line, a representative of the Ministry of Health, also present to highlight the collaboration between MOH and RCSS spoke of the benefits of our long time partnership in blood donation efforts towards saving lives of people in the community needing blood.
The Secretary General spoke about the revamping our ‘RCSS Blood Donation Programme’ which will be spearheaded by the youth.

Happy World Blood Donor Day to our Logistics backbone!

Today making sure all was in place ready for the special commemorative event!