RCSS drivers reviewing the National Society’s Standard Operating Procedures

A batch of sixteen drivers form the Red Cross Society of Seychelles met to review the Standard Operating Procedures of the National Society. This was in a half-day workshop at the RCSS headquarters recently. It was also an opportunity for all drivers to familiarize themselves with the workings of the National Society, share ideas & experiences. Some pertinent issues that came up was proper attire for RCSS drivers, especially ambulance drivers, proper use of RCSS vehicles and access during emergencies, amongst others. The session was facilitated by the RCSS Logistic Officer, Michel Simeon & volunteer Mrs Venissa Samson, also Project Manager of the Japanese Grant. The NS received a grant from the Japanese Red Cross for National Society Development, NSD. The National Society has a total of twenty-five drivers. The half-day workshop was said to be very fruitful and amongst the recommendations is the need to have a committee for the drivers.