RCSS intensify measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Since the first COVID-19 case was recorded in Seychelles, the Red Cross Society of Seychelles has reviewed & initiated its Continuity & Contingency plans. Among the different measures is the installation of hand sanitizers, labeling of areas mostly used by staff, volunteers and the public in general to reduce the spread of the corona virus in the country, albeit the National Society (NS). Anyone entering the RCSS premises have to sanitize their hands, as well as fill out their particulars for reference purposes. Hava, is the Programme Coordinator of the NS and is almost always the first one in. She believes that this is important because we are one of the vital organisation in the country and we need to keep the virus out of the NS so that we can continue to provide assistance to the Department of Health, other organisations and the country in general.

“The RCSS and its network of volunteers is needed; we cannot afford to be sick during this time”.