RCSS receives a Dongfeng Jeep from the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces

The Seychelles People’s Defence Forces ( SPDF), today handed over a Dongfeng Jeep to the RCSS. The jeep to the approximate value of SCR250, 000 has been donated to the NS after the Secretary General and President of the RCSS met with the President of the Republic in a forum where our transport needs were put forward amongst others. The jeep will be customised with RCSS logo and is expected to be used for Disaster Response and other transportation needs such as humanitarian aid, when necessary.
In their handing and taking over remarks, the Chief of Staff of the SPDF, the SG and the President of the RCSS, all spoke of the ‘importance of our collaborative efforts as partners and stakeholders during times of disaster as part of the National Disaster Response Coordination Body. The SPDF has also been a significant source of support especially in always and readily providing men and transport, whenever the NS has called upon them for a helping hand especially in this time of the pandemic. At the RCSS we wish to convey our gratitude to the President’s office, the SPDF and all those who made this addition to our fleet possible.