RCSS volunteers with over 7 years donating blood

Five volunteers of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles, RCSS, were recognised for having donated blood for over seven years, in a ceremony to commemorate World Blood Donor Day today. A ceremony that was done at the RCSS Head quarter. Harry Dingwall, has donated blood for 32 years now and has donated over 31 pints of blood has called on more people to come forth to donate blood. Whereas Dilan Bastienne, a Red Cross youth who has been donating blood since he was 19 years old says that after having donated for 10 years, he now sees the benefits. For her part the NS’s Secretary General, Marie-May Esparon has called on the participation and engagement of the communities to help ensure a sustainable blood bank. The ceremony was attended by partners of the NS, staff and volunteers.

Four of the five RCSS volunteers who have clocked over 7 years donating blood. From left to right. Harry Dongwall has donated for 32 years, Dilan Bastienne 10 years, Julinio Nourrice 7 years, Jimmy Moustache 7 years and Cedrick Francourt 12 years (absent from the photo)