Red Cross Society of Seychelles presents Mega phones to the Seychelles Police

Twelve (12) mega phones, were presented to a representative of the Seychelles Police this morning in a short ceremony at the RCSS Headquarters, whilst Mr Kisnan Tamatave, RCSS president, presented the mega phones to Corporal Raymond Dubel of the Seychelles Police. “The RCSS is pleased to associate itself with the Seychelles Police and to assist in ensuring the safety of the population and that of the police offices themselves, noted Mr Tamatave.

And for his part, Corporal Dubel, also a Red Cross volunteer, reiterated the importance of working together in the fight against COVID 19. Both he and the Red Cross President called on the public to observe the directives provided by the authorities.

These mega phones are used mainly during disasters and crisis to sensitise, give warnings and advise to the population on any event, activities about to happen or happening.

And in this case these will be used by the police to advise and sensitise the population, now that new measures to fight the spread of COVID 19 will come into force tonight at midnight, as announced by the Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gedeon.

Also present at the ceremony was the RCSS Secretary General, staff and volunteers of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles and police officers.