Red Cross Volunteers from Praslin forms Committee

A committee has been established by the Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS) volunteers from Praslin to monitor and carry out the RCSS’s programs on the island. Mrs Anita Soomery serves as the chairperson, with Mr. Tony William serving as Vice Chairperson.

This was done during a meeting that the RCSS hosted for its volunteers and any interested parties/individual interested in joining the National Society. The meeting took place on Saturday 25th November, 2023.

There used to be a Red Cross Branch on Praslin, but due to budgetary constraints the office had to be closed and since then, there has been a lack of activities on the island.

In addition to the successful establishment of the new committee, the other goals were to provide volunteers with the opportunity to discuss the RCSS volunteering trend, including its successes and setbacks in previous years, and to take the chance to host a recruitment session for prospective new volunteers. Volunteers had the chance to talk about improving collaborative work, the best course of action, as well as suggestions for a better and more efficient path forward.

Most participants voice the need for additional programs and volunteer opportunities next year. Furthermore, volunteer discussed about the challenges and at the end of the meeting had made a few suggestions.

They proposed the need to ensure the efficient management of resource mobilization of all RCSS assets on Praslin, to have regular meetings for the new volunteer committee and to organise activities on the island.

It is equally important to raise awareness of the national society’s programs and services, particularly those related to blood donation and first aid trainings. And on that note pointed out the need to recruit new first aid instructors and offer refresher courses on first aid.

Present at the meeting was the RCSS president, Mr Kisnan Tamatave, the Secretary General, Ms. Marie-May Esparon and staff of the NS.