The RCSS is guided in its humanitarian programmes and activities by the 7 fundamental principles and values of the RCRC Movement through its network of volunteers addressing the vulnerabilities faced by our communities . With the support of our national and RCRC Movement partners the National Society focuses on the following areas as per our mandate:

Disaster Risk Management and Community Disaster Risk Reduction:

In this area the National Society continuously build its capacity to prepare and respond to disasters through training and prepositioning of stock so that whenever a disaster strike the National Society is able to be effective and efficient at the different stages of the disaster relief and recovery. In addition, we seek to contribute to community safety and resilience to disasters and to strengthen the communities to cope with the impact of disasters The volunteers are also equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in the provision of psychosocial support, an area which is most often ignored in times of disasters where all attention are geared on the physical aspect of the outcome of a disaster or emergencies.

Community Based Health and Safety

This area entails promoting a culture of being prepared for accidents or emergencies through equipping the population with first aid knowledge and skills. The National Society First aid programme has two component namely, the commercial first aid programme targeting mainly organisations and workplaces and the community based first aid programmme, targets various community groups and organisation including children and the elderly.

Recruitment of non renumerated blood donors

Through its blood donor recruitment programme, the RCSS works collaboratively with the Ministry of Health to improve the situation of blood safety in the country by sensitizing and recruiting voluntary non renumerated blood donors.

Principles and Values, Partnership and Humanitarian Diplomacy

The RCSS seeks to promote humanitarian values and principles within the National Society and across the multicultural Seychellois community , with the particular aim of promoting human dignity . As a humanitarian organisation it also seeks to promote a culture of non violence and peace and working with other organisation for effective networking and support for its endeavors.