Contributing towards saving lives, protect livelihoods and strengthen recovery from disasters

A disaster is a serious disruption of the functioning of a community through widespread losses and disruption that exceed its capacity to cope using its own resources . Furthermore a disaster or crisis may arise as a sudden emergency or it may be slow onset. In line with its mandate and legal base the national society will continue, to strengthen its capacity to prepare for and respond to disasters so that affected communities receives timely and effective assistance Seychelles principal disaster threats include flash flooding and landslides caused by heavy rains due to the topography of its landscape, risks from tsunamis and fires namely house and bush fires.

Data is also suggesting that the cyclone belt may be shifting northwards to eventually encompass Seychelles, resulting in possible damages to coastal infrastructure that has not been constructed to cyclone proof stands.

The RCSS will periodically review and update its Disaster Management Plans, policies and standards so that current realities of the national and regional disaster management framework are incorporated. This will be done through wide consultative process amongst staff, volunteers, stakeholders and beneficiaries. The National Society will intensify its disaster risk reduction initiatives focusing on empowering communities at different levels ( home, school, workplaces) towards resilience. capacity building Initiatives will include actions allowing communities to take leadership in DRR initiatives in their respective communities and contribute to adaptation measures to counter the effects of climate change. Technical support will continue to be sought amongst Movement partners and Movement components as well as local partners.

One aspect of disaster response that is often overlooked is the psychosocial consequences of the impact of a disaster or crisis. The National Society has in the past equipped its volunteers with the necessary knowledge and skills. For the next five years the RCSS will ensure that members of the community are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the provision of psychosocial first aid when the need arise.

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