Enable healthy and safe living

Health is defined as the state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases .
Whilst Seychelles boast a comprehensive health care system, providing free access to health care, the health of the population related to personal behaviour or lifestyle remains an important concern. Much emphasis is being placed nationally for the population to be responsible for their own health. Like most developed countries, Seychelles has not been spared the world wide causes of death , diseases and disability, namely heart diseases and stroke, depression, road traffic crashes, as well as other communicable diseases. Conscious of its existing resources the RCSS will continue to focus on health promotion initiatives.

First Aid

First Aid represents and integral part of the NS health education initiatives and for the next five years the RCSS aims to intensify its first aid programmes ensuring that the skills and knowledge of saving lives will be within reach of the vulnerable and those working with the vulnerable groups namely elderly care giver, childminders ,road users etc. The NS will continue to raise awareness amongst other organised community groups on the importance of acquiring first aid knowledge and skills through its community based first aid activities. This will contribute towards the NS’s “A first aider in every home” by 2020 initiative. First aid in workplaces will also be intensified so as to contribute towards safer working environment for employees. The National Society will continue to update the first aid skills of its volunteers so that they continue to be efficient in the provision of first aid standby services and in their respective communities.

Recruitment of volunteer non renumerated blood donors

The RCSS will continue to work in partnership with the Ministry of Health and other organisation to promote the principles of voluntary, non- renumerated blood donation through awareness and creating opportunities for blood drive. Workplaces and organised groups will be sensitized and promoting of voluntary non remunerated blood donation amongst the youth will be revamped.

Water Safety

The RCSS will strengthen its water safety programme for young people at community level. Swimming classes and life saving techniques will be taught to young people in the community. The RCSS will work in collaboration with other partners namely the SFRSA in this endeavor.

Contributing towards the prevention of road traffic injuries

Road traffic injuries are the ninth leading cause of death globally and claiming the lives of more that a million people each year on the roads. Despite being a small country, Seychelles has not been spared the brunt of the consequences of road traffic crashes. Considering the trend in increase in the number of vehicles on our roads for the past decades and the rise in the number of road traffic crashes especially amongst young people, the RCSS endeavors to contribute towards road safety initiatives focusing on sensitization and awareness programmes targeting young road users. In addition the RCSS will continue to advocate for road safety measures contributing towards saving and protecting lives.