The Red Cross Society of the Seychelles receives food donations

To concede with this year’s World Food Day 2023, the International School Seychelles and Montessori International School, Seychelles celebrated by preparing a food collection from students, parents and staff for the RCSS.

The primary focus of World Food Day is to advocate for the eradication of hunger and malnutrition worldwide. It’s an opportunity to engage governments, organizations, communities, and individuals in discussions and actions to tackle hunger and ensure everyone has access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. By donating to the RCSS, both schools are helping to support families and individuals in need and subsequently improve their lives.

The handovers were done at both schools on Monday 16th October 2023 by students and a representative from RCSS.

The Red Cross Society of the Seychelles received a contribution of basic food items today from the Seychelles Credit Union, an effort to support families and those in need who have been impacted by fires and other calamities. The items donated were gathered from the staff of the Seychelles Credit Union which will be disbursed to vulnerable families and to other places where needed, in accordance with the RCSS-established screening procedure.

The items were presented to the RCSS in our Providence headquarters, in the presence of Ms. Marie-May Esparon, the Secretary General, along with other RCSS and SCU staff.

With the goal to continue assisting those in need, the RCSS would like to once more thank the ISS, the Montessori International School and the Seychelles Credit Union and seeks for other organizations and individuals to join and support by making contributions of any sort that would make a different in the lives of families and individuals in need.