Vulnerability and capacity assessment

Involving the Perseverance community in Disaster Risk Reduction through Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA) is a process of participatory investigation designed to assess and address major risk affecting communities. It aims to determine people’s vulnerability to those risks, and their capacity to cope and recover from a disaster.

It is recognized that it is firstly through community’s own participatory effort that the community will be able to effectively respond to their needs in Disaster Risk Reduction, preparedness, response and rehabilitation.

Through the funding from the “Mangrove for the future “ (MFF)” the GEMPlus, a national NGO proposed a Climate change and Vulnerability and capacity Assessment (VCA) in the Perseverance district Community has been realized with the expertize of the Red Cross Society of Seychelles and other consultant.

Following the setting up of VCA working group in previous meeting organized; a VCA workshop was conducted on the 14th July 2018 at Perseverance Secondary school.

The Workshop was assisted by 15 participants from Perseverance 1 and 2 Community from “Perseverance an Mouvman”, Red Cross Volunteers and staff, Perseverance 1&2 District Emergency Brigade team representatives and representative from Mangrove for the Future secretariat.

Following the workshop ,a semi structured interview with key informants was conducted in e district on 26th July , a transect walk exercise on 25th August followed by the community focus group discussion using these different methods and tools to collect information for analysis and action.

Amongst the findings were a lack of an emergency evacuation plan for the two Perseverance districts and that of the schools in the event of a tsunami and was seen as a priority. Other concers raised was the risk of fire due to poor electrical wiring, no proper demarcation for fire hydrants and no warning sign on PUC electrical installation along the road side. Recommendations were made to address all identified findings by responsible personnel and

The development of an emergency plan for the community and the schools were seen as priority number one to be addressed. The second priority was the need for water rescue training and swimming classes for the children of Persevrance and educating the Perseverance Community on fire safety measures.

As way forward , all parties involved including the RCSS will seek support of partners and stakeholders to address priority concerns through project proposals