World Blood Donor Day 2024

The 20th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day in 2024 marks a momentous occasion to reflect on achievements, address challenges, and envision a future where safe blood transfusion is universally accessible. This year’s global campaign carries the slogan: “20 years of celebrating giving: Thank you, blood donors!” It commemorates the milestone of the 20th anniversary and the profound impact of blood donation on the lives of patients and donors. The campaign serves as an opportunity to express gratitude to blood, plasma, and platelet donors in the world for their lifesaving donations. Moreover, it calls for action, motivating more individuals to join the global movement of blood donation.

The objectives of this year’s campaign are:

  • to thank and recognize the millions of voluntary blood donors who have contributed to the health and well-being of millions of people around the world.
  • to showcase the achievements and challenges of the national blood programmes and to share best practices and lessons learned.
  • to highlight the continuous need for regular, unpaid blood donation to achieve universal access to safe blood transfusion.
  • to promote a culture of regular blood donation among the youth and the general public and to increase the diversity and sustainability of the blood donor pool.

The RCSS acknowledges the importance of blood donation and its benefits, which include supporting patients undergoing surgery, treating diseases like anemia, tending to patients receiving chemotherapy, and helping women experiencing complications during birth. Along with the ten registered RCSS blood donors, the RCSS also interacts with partners and groups in workplaces, such as the Seychelles Defense Force, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and the Seychelles Police Force in order to organize regular blood drives and obtain donors. This collaboration helps to foster increased community involvement and participation to assist in guaranteeing the viability of the blood bank. The RCSS is also constantly advocating for other workplaces/organisations to form blood donor clubs in an effort to help in the national need of blood. By having more blood donors, this will ensure that blood is available to all patients in need, particularly those who are in situations of urgency”

RCSS Health Coordinator, Mrs. Karine Ernesta