RCSS receives joint donation of bottles of water

In response to the call for more assistance made by the Red Cross Society of Seychelles, RCSS, recently, Quench and Val Riche made a joint donation of three thousand eight hundred and forty (3840) bottles of water to the National Society. This amounts to a sum of SR46, 080.

In a short ceremony this morning at the RCSS headquarters, which was also attended by the Secretary General of the National Society, the Sales Manager of Val Riche, Ms Helen Labrosse presented a sample of the donation to Ms Salima Frederick, Administrative Officer of the RCSS. Ms Labrosse noted that “gesture is one of appreciation to the RCSS for its work in the communities to people in need since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and its presence every time it is needed in times of national emergencies. This gesture is to show our appreciation to Red Cross Volunteers and staff for their hard work and devotion”. Ms Frederick for her part, thanks Val Riche for the thoughtful gesture and for thinking of the RCSS.

Working in partnership with communities and businesses is at the heart of the work of the RCSS, and the call for assistance is geared towards engage the communities, individuals, organisations, and businesses to come forth to lend a helping hand, to be more proactive and to play a much bigger role in building resilience and to help those who struggle to make ends meet.

Jean Yves Joseph, the Programme Coordinator of the RCSS, pointed out that the donation will be used during Contact Tracing, standby during the Vaccination Programme and other activities of the National Society. “Val Riche’s willingness to help will undoubtedly encourage others to join forces and come forward’, says Mr Joseph.

Since last week, RCSS volunteers are involved in Contact Tracing and during the stand by at the six (6) vaccination centres, they are using an average of five (5) packets of water per day per station to assist those in need there.