Sensitizing young people on IHL

One of the RCSS mandate as a National Society is to sensitize the community on International Humanitarian Law (IHL). Every year the National Society conduct sensitization sessions for young people in collaboration with the Seychelles National Youth Council and this was no exception for this year.

In July this year , a group of young people of the National Youth Assembly of Seychelles, was able to get gain an insight on the subject. The Workshop was facilitated by Mrs. Carolus Andre an avid facilitator for IHL , from the Red Cross Society of Seychelles . The workshop started off by getting participants to understand the need to focus on the importance on paying attention when interacting with others around us .

Mrs. Carolus Andre gave an overview of how the idea started with the story of Henry Dunant , a Swiss businessmen and founding father of the Red Cross Movement and with the development of the Geneva Convention and its additional protocols. The topic and workshop methodology generated animated discussions amongst the young people present.