The Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS) receives help from the Seychelles Prison Service

Early this morning, a group of 5 (five) volunteer prisoners, accompanied by staff members, arrived at the RCSS headquarters to offer their support and assistance. This is in response to the blast that occurred in Providence, which left the building without windows and with considerable damage. In consequence of this, rainwater has easily been able to enter the building and flood the offices and rooms, thus affecting both the staff and the building during periods of severe rainfall. This is especially relevant in light of the significant amount of rain that fell on Wednesday.

Being a solid and reliable partner for the RCSS, the national society had called upon the Seychelles Prison Service’s help to assist with clearing out the water in the offices and rooms as well as help to further assist in disposing the debris and remaining glasses still at the headquarter. A task that the Seychelles Defence Force (SDF) assisted with that got underway early in the month.

Following today’s work, the RCSS will now begin to board up the windows with plywood until the repairs and replacements are completed so to not face the same conditions each time it rains.

With the work completed today, Mr Raymond St. Ange, Commissioner of Seychelles prison states that the inmates will continue their community service initiatives for 2024 and will receive recognition for their good deeds in giving back to the community through voluntary work.

For their prompt arrival to help and assist, the RCSS thanks the Seychelles Prison Services as well as the inmates for their volunteerism.