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Education and Awareness

Key Information and Actions for Parents and Care Givers

Guidance on how to help your children and support the school in getting prepared for the safe re-opening of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

Download the Key Information and Actions for Parents and Care Givers (English Version)

Download the Key Information and Actions for Parents and Care Givers (Creole Version)


It is normal for students and teachers to feel anxious when returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic. The followings are some practical ideas on how to help your child and support the school to adapt to changes in school life:

1. Monitor your children’s health and keep them home from school if they are sick.
2. Teach and model good hygiene practices for your children by encouraging them to:

  • Wash their hands with soap and water frequently. You may provide liquid soap and their own personal towel or tissues if these are not provided at school and/or an alcohol based sanitiser where soap water are not readily available.
  • Wash or rub their hands using proper techniques taught at school or by the Department of Health.
  • Wash their hands often, especially before and after eating; after blowing their nose, coughing or sneezing; after using the bathroom and whenever their hands are visibly dirty.
  • Cover a cough or sneeze with a flexed elbow or tissue, then throwing away the tissue into a closed bin, and not to touch their eyes, mouths or nose, especially if they have not properly washed their hands.
  • Avoid sharing personal items such as water bottles, utensils and towels

3. Encourage your children to ask questions and express their feelings with you or their teachers. Note that your child may have different reactions to stress, so be patient and understanding.
4. Prevent stigma by using facts and reminding them to be considerate to one another and to also help prevent bullying.
5. Communicate with the school to receive information and ask how you can support school safety efforts, example through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or the Health and Safety Co-ordinator.

For more information on the above, please talk to the Head Teacher, the School Counsellor or the School Health Nurse or Public Health Officer in your district.

Key Messages for Students

Download the Key Messages for Students (English Version)

Download the Key Messages for Students (Creole Version)


During the COVID-19 pandemic it is normal to feel sad, worried, confused, scared or angry. Know that you are not alone and talk to someone you trust, like your parent or teacher so that you can help keep yourself and your school safe and healthy.

Ask questions, educate yourself and get information from reliable sources.

Protect yourself and others: Wash your hands frequently, always with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Remember to not touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

As much as possible, keep a safe distance (1-2m) from your friends and class mates. Do not hug, hold or shake hands.

Do not share cups, eating utensils, food, water and drinks with others.

Be a leader in keeping yourself, your school, family and community healthy.

Share what you learn about preventing disease with your family and friends, especially with younger children.

Model good practices such as sneezing or coughing into your elbow and washing your hands, especially for younger family members.

Do not stigmatize your peers or tease anyone about being sick; remember that the virus does not follow geographical boundaries, age or ability or gender.